Why We Are Necessary

GambiCats started working with cats in The Gambia, West Africa, in 1998 and became a UK Registered Charity in 1999. Our objectives are to encourage neutering, and help improve the welfare of the cats and dogs.

help cats in the gambia

The programme started as a response to the poor conditions of many of the cats in the hotels and the methods being used to control their numbers. These included poisoning, and dumping cats in the countryside after catching them in nets. These methods were both inhumane and ineffective.

Neutering and returning cats and dogs to site is an internationally-agreed method for controlling stray populations and maintaining healthy groups of animals. ID for neutered cats & dogs is seen by left ear-tipping. Giving anti-rabies vaccinations helps maintain public safety. WITHOUT THIS GAMBICATS' PROGRAMME THERE WOULD BE A RETURN TO THE FORMER CRUEL, INEFFECTIVE ACTIONS.