Thank You

As always we are very grateful for the support we receive from individuals and organisations and would like to thank the following for their generous contributions in various ways to the work of GambiCats:

Pamela Taylor, supporter since 2004, whose family made a bequest of £3000 in her memory. Julie & Luigi Maio who have given free accommodation and much generous support since 1999. The Alice Noakes Trust which has helped since 1999. Dr PaOusman Ceesay, Chief Vet since 1999.

in the UK:
Animalcare, Ardmory Vets, Arnolds, Banovallum Vets, Bayer, Belmont Vets,Best Friends Vets, Beaumont Animals' Hospital, Blackwall Vets, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bridge Vet Group, Burns Pet Nutrition, Cambridge Vet Group, CP Cambridge. CP West Lothian , Chase Vets,Chestnut House Vets, Cromwell Vets (Huntingdon), Darvill's Pet Shop (Bradford), Dechra UK, Gambia Experience, Goddard Vet Group, Haven Vet Practice (Llanelli), Highertown Vets, Hird & Partners, Isle Vets Ely, Isleham Cattery,Jean Sainsbury AW Trust, John Coupe Packaging (Halifax), Lab 3, Linton Vets, Mayhew Home, Metalcote, Merial, Midland Vets (Leyton), New Hall Vets, NOAH, Novartis, Park Hall Vets, Pengelly & Mizen Vets,Pet Plan Charitable Trust, Pettrac, Priory Vets (Cardigan), Rosewood Vet Centre (Coseley), RSPCA, Shuman AW Trust, SNIP International, SPANA, Spring Corner Vets, Sudacrem, Summerdale Vet Centre, Sundean Vets, Surgical Holdings,Temple End Vets, Teifi Vets, Thomas Cook, Vets4Pets, Wakefield Vets, Welbourne Vets, Cambridge, Westside Vets (Battersea), WyNot, WSPA, WVS S Aarnio,B Abercrombie, S Allatt, J Allen, P Ashby,, Mr & Mrs Barrett, J & P Barter, D Barrow,V Barton, Mrs Batchelor, V Beamish, P Benwell, L Bevan,C Blakeway­Long, S Bowe, P Bowen, M Bradbury, A Brady, N Brady, K Broadbridge,C&R Brown, C Brown, E Bruce, C Bryant, B Bunton, L Buxton, C Callow, Cambridge Vet Group, L Cartier van Dissel, S Cartwright, C Clarke, C Clarkson, L Colby, C Coles,T Collins, C Connor, F Cook, R Cook, P Coole, Mr & Mrs J Cooper, P E Cooper, A Cottam, GJ Craig, T Crampton, M Crawford, A Creasey, T Damer, M Daniels, E L Davies, de Vazquez, L Dean, M Deeley, D Dennison, FE, Y Dewey, B Dewing, N Downie, A & H Dun, Mr & Mrs Ellis, M Enright, B & F Erdelyi, M Everton, C J Favell, E J Fisher,G Fixter, M Foster, A Fradley, J Francis, D Fraser, A Gallaher, C George, P George, B Gibbins, D Gibson, S Gijsen,C Good, J Goodwin, C Gorman, D Grif iths, C Grove, H Hackney, E Hague, Mr & Mrs K Hamilton, C M Hannan, A & JE Harris, C Hantman, C Harvey, S Harvey, K Hawkes, D Hayward, M Heithus, H Helm, E Holloway, J Holloway, J Holt, N Holyoak, K Horne, C Howman, K Hulbert, , I, L Jackson, J James, M James, Jill & Roxanne, Mr & Mrs Johnson, PH Johnson, C Jones, S Jones, S Jordan, L Jordan­Owers, L Joyce, M Kerry, S Larby, J Lewis, S N Liley, J Lilley, C Long, J&J Lowman, J Lubbock, J & P Ludlam, L McKenzie, J McLoughlin, S & B Mann, M Martin, Lady Maxwell­Hyslop, J Maxwell- Hyslop, K Mayall, J Merchant, E Millbank, L Mitchell, B Montague, M Montague,GI Moore, S Morhall, Ms Morrissey, JE Mulroy, A Newton, CAJ Nicholas, K Oddy, H Partridge, L Pearce, L Pendrill, S Phillips, S Pick, S Pike, S Piotrowski, D Pollard,, JW Ramsden, J Remfry, L Richardson,J Ritchie, A Roberts, M Roberts, D&L Robertson, C Rugg, J Rushton, C Russell,M Rzmieniecka, H Sadler, C Salmon, S Schiller, P Scobie Trumper S Silk,, A Simmons, D Slade, J Smith, J & G Smith, I & G Smith, M Smith, S Smith,T Smith, M&S Sparkes, E Spooner, M Stables, S Stirrup, J Stogdon, A & T Stone, M Storbo, M Szreter, PJ Taylor,Mr & Mrs Thomas, J Thornton, S Tindal S,M Tollhurst, L&M Tomlinson, J Tombs, L Tuf ield, J Turley, M Uppal, A Van der Salm, S Vaughan, M Vassiliou, Mr & Mrs Walker, D Walker, SC Waltham, S & P Watts, W Watts, C Webb,S Webb, D Weedon, R Welsby, R Westerman, J F & N Wilkinson, M A Williams, SB Williamson, J Woodcock

in The Gambia:
Dr K Daf eh &staf at Animal Health & Production Services, Abuko; Buna Njie & staf at Senegambia Hotel, Dr PaOusman Ceesay; Samba M B Fye; Gambia Veterinary Council, M Hendrickx & Kombo Hotel staf ; Julie Maio & Luigi's Complex; Dr A Mboge, Gambia Tourism Authority; Dr B Touray; Dr Omar Touray; Suleiman Bah, Gambia Port Authority.

In the Netherlands:
Dr Rob, Yvonne & Dr Niels Schell; Animal Medical Care Foundation; C Bruinink; G Constable

Established as a registered charity in the UK in 1999 Number 1074870 Member of WSPA
Trustees: Frances Miller, Peter Miller, Mike Roberts, Margaret Uppal
Address: Parc Llwyd, Aberporth, Cardigan, SA43 2DU, UK
tel: (00 44) 01239 810595 fax: (00 44) 01239 811193
email: website:
web: SCL Internet Services

Accounts examiner: Jane Newton

In The Gambia:
Programme Administrator: Dodou F Bojang
Address: PO Box 2874 Serekunda, The Gambia
tel: (00 220) 9900756 or 7999756 or 6900756 [keep trying­network is poor]
Assistants: Alaji Ndure, Momodou Jallow
Charity number: 63/1999