News From The Gambia

GUNJUR 2 - Gambicats return in 2017 for second clinic

Our first visit to Gunjur was in April 2016. It was so successful that we decided to hold another one this year in March. This time we stayed at the Gunjur Project Lodge where Jenny and Brandon gave us great support and hospitality, and worked again at the Gunjur African Lodge.

The 2017 team consisted of vet Sandeep (first visit), nurse Sarah (2nd visit after Farafenni), volunteer Sue (many visits!) plus our Gambian team Dodou (Programme Administrator), Alagie and Monodou, and Frances (trustee).

Thanks to Dodou's radio broadcasts and a local poster campaign, plus support from Karamo Bojang (Livestock Assistant), lots of people brought their dogs in and we ended up neutering an amazing 60 dogs and 7 cats. All animals received worm and flea treatment and the dogs were micro-chipped. In addition around 50 more dogs which were already neutered, were given rabies vaccinations.

This clinic was especially demanding. Electricity supplies were very poor so we were grateful for the loan of the generator from Gunjur Project Lodge. Our steriliser died and Dodou managed to arrange the use of the Health Centre's Maternity Ward steriliser with help from Ansumana Sanyang (Health Inspector). No electricity meant poor water supplies on some days. Last year the clinic had 2 electric sockets, this year there was only one, so this had to be used for the fridge, cauteriser, razor, extra light, fan and most importantly, the kettle!

As the clinic was only open for 9 days which included setting up and closing down, the team handled the problems brilliantly. There are now some 140 Gunjur dogs (75 bitches, 65 dogs) which have been neutered which will hopefully make a significant contribution to population control and general welfare in Gunjur.

Bringing in the dogs

Off to trap cats

Preparing for operations

On the Table

Waiting, waiting - Dodou does the impossible and sleeps on the wall!


Recovery - puppy waits for mother to come round; chicks explore cage; forest dog in cage to be returned home in the car

Clearing up: listing items for next clinic; returning the generator

At Gunjur Project Lodge: Sue celebrates special birthday; Jenny, Brandon, Charlie & friend; Team Gambicats

At the airport with Luigi and the Gambicats collection box

HAPPINESS! The Gambia voted in a new President this year and there are celebrations everywhere. Everyone feels positive about the future and is celebrating the return of free speech after so long.

We caught this happy scene after a visit by the new President to Gunjur

THANKS to Jenny & Brandon, Gunjur Project Lodge, all-round support & loan of generator; Fansu Demba, Gunjur African Lodge room hire & facilities; Karamo Bojang local livestock Assistant; Ansumana Sanyang, Gunjur Health Centre for sterilising assistance; Priory Vets Cardigan, discounted worm/flea treatments; AnimalCare generous donation of meds; Henry Schien vet donations; IMS; Cynthia George; WVS.