Association for the Welfare of Animals in the Gambia (AWAG)

AWAG was registered in 1999 as a charitable organisation in The Gambia (No. 63/1999) and is affiliated to WSPA (the World Society for the Protection of Animals). AWAG has the following aims:

  1. To promote improved standards of animal care and the relief of suffering wherever the need arises by practical veterinary care and educational programme.
  2. To raise public and official awareness about animal welfare and related environmental issues.
  3. To assist with updating and improving legislation relating to animal welfare and ensuring its proper enforcement.

AWAG is governed by an Executive Committee which works to a Constitution.

AWAG committee

President: Buba Bajo
Secretary: Abdou Baji
Treasurer: Babucarr Manne
Representing GambiCats: Dodou F Bojang
Religious Advisor: Kutubo Njai
Committee member: Cherno Manne

The Patrons are Samba M B Fye, Chairman Ground Tour Operators Association and Managing Director Gamtours; Peter Miller, Chairman of GambiCats; Dr Omar Touray, The Gambia; Although a very young organisation, AWAG gives valuable support to the work of GambiCats, especially liaison with hotels and spreading the message to individual owners about the value of neutering cats and dogs.