July - December 2011

Clinic number twelve to be held in March 2012
Gambia dog Once again Rob, Yvonne and Niels have volunteered to run a neutering clinic for GambiCats. It is scheduled to take place from March 17 and will follow the pattern of previous clinics. We are looking for a suitable place to hold it, perhaps in Serekunda this time.

If you or your vet can donate any of the following it will be much appreciated:

Other items are also needed so please let us know if you can donate other veterinary medicines.

GambiCats' contribution to improved animal welfare in The Gambia Several visitors to The Gambia have sent comments regarding the improvements they have seen over the years to the situation of the stray cats and dogs in the beach areas. Comments such as the following help us re-charge our batteries and feel that there is a gradual change for the better: "I really had to look hard to find any dogs or cats that needed immediate treatment by Dodou and his team.  In all my 12 visits to Gambia in the last 6 years, on this visit I saw fewer animals in distress".

Wild area of the compound Gambia cats sandra and her rescued donkey

Christine's diary number 2!

Here are some photos from Christine & Rod's trip this autumn. They visited Sandra at Kubuneh for the first time and saw some of the animals plus the health centre. Sudacrem donated some 23 tubes for use in The Gambia and a variety of animals benefited from treatments - Sandra's pet monkey Billie Bones actually stole one for himself!

During the trip Christine rescued a dove from the ferry where children were trying to set it alight and took it back to Sandra who hopes to help it heal and be set free again.

Supporter Julie with 'her' dog
at Palm Beach

Financial situation

As always we are very grateful to everyone who donates to our work. Prices such as veterinary treatment, pet food, fuel & car insurance, rise fast in The Gambia. We would like to urge supporters to set up Banker's orders where possible [form on back page]. A cat spay costs £16, a bitch spay around £20. A monthly donation of £5 pays for 4 cat spays a year; £10 per month helps spay 6 bitches.

Website update

A chance meeting with Gary on holiday in The Gambia resulted in his generous offer to set up our website and he has maintained it for over a decade. We are incredibly grateful as it has spread the news of the charity's work and brought new supporters and funds over the years. We now feel that we should re-shape and de-clutter it so hope that early in 2012 you will see the new version. It is hoped that more news items and reports from supporters can be added in future so please send photos and comments etc to gambicats@aol.com - many thanks


Following the first neutering trip in 1998, Kombo Hotel built the first cat cafe in The Gambia to keep the cats out of the restaurant and bar. It also provided a quiet location for those guests who wanted to feed the cats, and helped us monitor the health of the cats as well as spot any unneutered newcomers. The idea of cat cafes is internationally-recognised by responsible hotels as a way of encouraging local cats away from food areas and monitoring their condition and numbers. Kombo Hotel, owned by Gambia Experience travel company, pulled down the cat cafe in 2010 and Dodou is hoping that the manager will be able to re-instate it soon.


The rainy season is always a testing time for compounds, cars and people. This year much of the roofing on Dodou's compound where GambiCats' equipment and clinic supplies are stored, collapsed, needing urgent repairs. The 10 year old generator had also died meaning not only loss of back-up electricity for lighting etc., but maintaining the supply of stored water. GambiCats is funding the repairs and a new generator which we hope will stay strong and waterproof for as long as possible!