January - June 2009

GambiCats' 2009 Neutering Clinic


February 2009 marked our ninth neutering clinic and was the first to be split between two sites. We spent 2 and a half days working in an appartment at Luigi's Complex, and then moved everything to Abuko for a further 2 and a half days. As always, local vets and vet workers were invited to attend and a number spent time with us. In particular we were pleased to welcome Dr Ceesay who does so much to support our work on a day-to-day basis.

Despite the extra work of moving everything we still managed to treat some 58 dogs and cats and to neuter 38 animals - 14 cats and 24 dogs.

Being at Luigi's meant we could catch and neuter beach dogs more easily and 5 were neutered, ear-notched, microchipped and given anti-rabies vaccinations. One beach dog  was very difficult to sedate.

Unfortunately when we came to operate it was evident that she had already been spayed! This demonstrated the importance of the ear-notching and microchipping and we are alerting local vets to this to avoid similar future situations.

Working at the Department of Livestock Services (DLS) clinic at Abuko for the second part of the programme meant we were dealing with animals brought in by local people. Many came infested with mango worms and their owners were shown how to de-worm the dogs and given gloves to encourage them to keep up the procedure regularly.

We also gave out dog collars and leads to encourage owners to control their dogs. Animalcare donated some very glitzy pink ones which were very popular!

We were very pleased to meet 'Holy cat', a beautiful white female with black head marking, brought in by the Imam of Sukuta. We were very pleased to help the Imam and hope his example will be followed by more people!

The DLS Acting Director, Dr Daffey, made arrangements for the clinic to be advertised on the radio with 6 slots in English, Wolof and Mandinka.


GambiCats would like to thank:

Dr Rob Schell and his son Niels for their dedicated work and donated time & travel, also Yvonne Schell for lots of help & not minding her kitchen being turned into an operating theatre!

Also Luigi's for the very generous donation of free accommodation and lots of support not to mention the odd refreshing Springboks cocktail! the Animal Medical Care Foundation and the World Veterinary Service for donations of many important veterinary items;

Thomas Cook Airlines for free additional baggage allowance; Dr Daffey,Mrs Oumie Sahoe & the Department of Livestock Services for their support and use of the Abuko Clinic and of course a big THANK YOU to Dodou Bojang for all his work organising everything, transporting people & animals & equipment, and juggling the many conflicting demands every day.
Also to his helpers Alajie Ndure, Omar Jallow and Foday for all their expertise and hard work!


New cat cafe at the Senegambia Hotel

What good news!  After so many years of discussions between Dodou and various managers and staff, the Senegambia has finally agreed that we can set up a feeding point in the grounds. It's well hidden so guests who want to feed the cats there need to talk to Dodou - we hope it will be more accessible soon.             






The story of Franji the cat

Franji is a small marmalade female cat who was adopted by two GambiCats' supporters during their 3 month stay in a Kololi compound.
The watchman, Dada, knew her quite well & Dodou was called to take her to be neutered. However, Dodou immediately noticed Franji was pregnant and she subsequently produced 3 kittens in April! Luckily a home was found for 2 kittens - now named Daxar (Wollof for tangy) and Tanji. Dodou is now arranging for Franji to be neutered and looking for a home for the third kitten - Panji - who is the one in the middle.

Franji's friends returned home in May with great sorrow at having to leave such a friendly, well-loved cat and her kitten. Luckily she has shown herself to be a survivor and has the support of Dada and Dodou.

With thanks to LD                                 



In view of the financial difficulties we are experiencing, despite the generosity of so many supporters, we have made a number of applications for grants to various trusts. We would like to thank the Shuman Animal Welfare Trust and the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust for their kind donations towards vet fees and running costs.

Update on Gemma and Oscar

Update 21 carried stories of this puppy and kitten rescued by Julie at Luigi's Complex. They are good friends and have become healthy new members of the Pizza Pack!    

Thanks to Rachel Cook

We also have to thank Rachel Cook for facilitating a grant of £500 through a scheme at HSBC where she works. Rachel has also helped by taking vet items with her for GambiCats' use and has been a supporter for some time.

Summer season feeding programme

Dodou, Alajie and Omar have started the annual summer feeding programme for the hotel cats and some beach dogs now that so many hotels and restaurants close from April to October.  Angela Newton and Cats Protection West Lothian provided free food from local suppliers Mutley & Mog; and Burns Pet Food also donated several kilos again.

What we need is ....

Prescription worm and flea treatments

Dog collars & leads

Recyclable mobile phones