July - December 2006




While staying in Banjul in January working on the stray dog neutering programme in the Port, we saw many dogs and cats in the streets. Quite a few looked in poor condition, some looked very sick. There is no local vet in Banjul, so only the lucky animals ever receive any treatment.

We looked at various options for providing some assistance and are now preparing to run our first clinic during February 2007.

Luckily Sue Harvey, our vet from the 2003 beach dog programme, and Suzanne Jones who assisted her in 2003 and the Banjul Port programme in 2006, are available to help again. Dr Ceesay will be supervising the work and continuing follow-up treatment.

We hope that those living in Banjul will bring their animals for free/subsidized care & advice, as well as neutering. The clinic will be publicised by Dodou Bojang and our contacts in The Gambia to make sure that the time is well used.

We would appreciate any donations towards the cost of this programme

The clinic will be involved in a broad range of treatments so we will need to take a wider range of medicines and supplies than usual. We will also probably have to pay a modest rent for a facility with electricity and water. The vet staff give their services free, but airfares & staying costs have to be met. We receive no financial help from the holiday companies. Luckily Monarch Airlines will allow us an additional free baggage allowance to take out all these supplies!

Please contact us soon if you have any advice or queries.



We would like to thank Burns Pet Nutrition on behalf of all the dogs and cats who have munched their way gratefully through generous supplies of their tasty petfood for the second year. Many hotels closed between April - October resulting in a lot of hungry animals! Dodou and his assistants made sure that they had at least one nutritious meal a day and the Burns petfood went down a treat. The company was developed by John Burns, a veterinary surgeon, and offers high-quality natural food. Further information from Burns Pet Nutrition, 4 Avalon Court, Kidwelly, Carm., SA17 5EJ tel 01554 890482/or Freephone 0800 181890.



We received a very generous gift of veterinary instruments from a Dutch vet named Rob Schell. Dodou said 'none has ever donated more than he did'. We would like to give him our warm thanks but he left no contact information - can anyone solve the mystery?


Hospitalisation Basket


It's quite a surprise to realise thatGambiCats has been in existence for 8 years! During this time the cages and traps have received a lot of use and some are showing signs of fatigue! We now need to order some replacements for these crucial items and would appreciate any donations to cover some of the costs.                           

For example, the traps cost around £95 each, cages £50, dog graspers £42 and so on. The total cost of replacements will be around £500 if we get what's needed.






writing to your tour operator if you are pleased with our work and make sure the reps have our info and Dodou's number [9900756]


helping to take items to The Gambia


getting supplies of the following from your vet: antiseptic cream/powder for skin wounds, ear cleaning powder, absorbable sutures (exp.2004<), old dog leads & collars, fleas/worm treatments (Milbemax or Drontal)

 NEWS OF GambiCats and Dogs


Changes in management at 2 hotels have resulted in the usual request "Please come and take away all our beach dogs - we don't want them". After much discussion with Dodou, the new managers have accepted that this approach never works and have agreed to the dogs staying and being neutered.


Dodou has also been monitoring the neutered dogs in the Port with help from Alaji, Matar & Foday. None have been found in poor condition, but not all have been seen as they range over a wide area and are hard to see.               



The female dog from the Kombo beach area who was bleeding was re-homed with a trusty supporter in February and is doing well.


During 2006 some 55 Cats and 42 dogs from the following locations have been neutered: African Village, Ali Baba, Badala Park, Banjul Port, Bijilo Beach, Cape Point, Chapman's, Coconut Residence, Corinthian Atlantic, Craft Market (Kombo), Fajara Hotel, Harmattan, Holiday Beach, Kololi Beach, Kombo Hotel, Lamin Village, Palma Rima, Safari Garden, Sarge's, Scala, Senegambia, and the TB Hospital Banjul.
In addition beach dogs and hotel cats have also been monitored & given worm tablets and treatment where necessary.



It appears that changes are afoot at the Ministry of Agriculture which will affect the Department of Livestock Services at Abuko. We do hope that this will not reduce the few existing facilities for animal care.