January - July 2004

Petplan update

Two years ago we were fortunate to obtain funds from the insurance company Petplan's Charitable Trust. The grant is earmarked for helping with veterinary costs for pets owned by Gambians and has been used to encourage neutering as well as other veterinary treatment. The owners of the dogs and cats receive a certificate on behalf of Petplan and GambiCats given by Dodou.

We thought it would be interesting to show some of those who have been helped so far.  The following are examples of the help we have been able to give with thanks to Carl and Megan for the photos

Mohamed receiving his certificate from Dodou after having his dog Lucky neutered, wormed and checked over. Lucky came from a litter of beach dog puppies born near the Leybato and has been with Mohamed, who lives in Serekunda, for about eighteen months. 










Julia with owner Mama Kujabi. Julia was rescued from the Palma Rima and is about to be neutered. Mama Kujabi is in school and lives with her parents in their compound in Serekunda








Another lucky cat, Boboba, with her owner Kutubo Njai who works as a builder in Talinding. Boboba has been with Kutubo for more than 2 years since she was rescued from the Tourist Market next to Kombo Beach hotel. She has been spayed and is well looked after.






Bambo Sanneh works for Gamtel and has adopted this former beach dog  now called Rambo. They live near Abuko and Rambo will be neutered shortly. 







Sainey Chartrey is a gardener and has adopted this cat called Karafo ("take care of"). She is now neutered and lives with Sainey at Tabokoto where she supervises his work in the gardens!




Our grateful thanks to Roz Hayward-Butt and the Petplan trustees who have enabled us to spread the message about neutering and pet care. Most Gambians want to keep their animals in good condition but lack the money to pay for veterinary treatment. Many also support the idea of neutering but again lack funds. Petplan is providing much-needed help and, thanks to Dodou, people are being made aware of the programme.

Another rainy season

With the start of the low season several hotels have closed and we are feeding some cat colonies again. Thanks to a container-load of food sent by Bella Erdelyi there is still some food for the cats but it may not last til October. We also have funds from the Alice Noakes Trust, who have supported GambiCats' feeding programme for several years, so we hope to be able to provide one meal a day to the needy cats.

The following is Dodou's blessing when giving the cats their food:

Let peace, love and fellow feeling be our might,
And may our name be a radiant light, 
To give all of us a place beneath the sun.            
Come cats and enjoy your food

More happy dogs and cats!

We have received quite a few photos in response to our call for pictures and we hope you enjoy the following. Do send more to include in the next Update.


Cat at the Senegambia Hotel  sent by C. Cole "I know how to get comfy"  outside the Kairaba Hotel taken by S Gallagher

Cats among the camels
has been asked to help with the cat colony which has grown up around the Camel Safari at Tanji. Dodou has made several visits and we hope to have more information as well as some photos in the next newsletter.

Seventeenth hotel joins GambiCats!
Welcome also to Bijilo Beach hotel where Dodou has already had 3 cats neutered and returned to site. This means that GambiCats is now covering 37 sites - hotels, bars, the Royal Victoria Hospital etc. - plus of course the dogs on the beach!

Container space on offer

One of our tireless supporters has offered us some space again in a container going out in October. Please contact us if you have items which you think might be useful on 01239 810595 or email  gambicats@aol.com - please do not send anything before contacting us 
The following are always welcome: 
Veterinary items:   antiseptic cream or powder for skin wounds;  multi-purpose ear cleaning powder; sutures - expiry date post 2001 and absorbable if possible; Drontal worm tablets
Food:   dry cat or dog food
Other items:   dog collars and leads

.....financial matters

We would like to thank all those who responded so generously to our appeal in the last Update with one-off donations, Banker's Orders and veterinary items. The more we have the more we can help the cats and dogs.....please continue the support.